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Echipa redacţională urează un călduros Bun venit doamnei profesor Lena Dominelli si domnului profesor Malcolm Payne, două personalităţi recunoscute la nivel internaţional în domeniul asistenţei sociale, care au acceptat ca începând cu nr. 1/2010 să facă parte din Advisory Board al Revistei de Asistenţă Socială.
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Revista de Asistență Socială: 1 / 2002

Elena Zamfir
Social Work in Romania

The Social Work Review is not a new editorial. It is the continuous tradition of very good social work journalism which was initiated by the Sociologi... [Abstract]
Marian Sârbu
Impact of Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity Legislation Package over Poor Population

The elaboration and implementation of Anti-Poverty and Social Inclusion National Program represents an important step for the Government in determinin... [Abstract]
Karin Hulshof
Towards a Unitarian Policy in Child Protection Area

I have a deep interest in child protection and I can firmly assert that people must be aware that they are being offered the possibility to develop th... [Abstract]
Gabriela Coman
Preventing Child Abandonment and Deinstitutionalisation. Priorities for ANCPA

The European Commission periodical rapports underline the fact that ever since 1997 child protection issue is a mandatory condition in the European Un... [Abstract]
Cătălin Zamfir
CASPIS - Path towards the European Pattern in Society

CASPIS is a governmental instrument to prevent poverty and promote social inclusion. The fundamental political option is that the only sustainable eco... [Abstract]
Cosmin Briciu
New Methodology to Measure Poverty

One of the main objectives of the Commission of Anti-Poverty and Social Inclusion Promotion is to elaborate a methodology to measure poverty with a hi... [Abstract]
Daniel Arpinte
European Strategies for Social Inclusion

Among the major risks of social exclusion and inequality are: the major changes on the labour market, modification of the demographic structure and th... [Abstract]
Dumitru Călinoiu
Minimum Guaranteed Income Strategy. A Coherent Strategy in the Favour of the Poor

The constitutional right of the citizens to take measures in social work is based on the idea that the decent living is proprietarily achieved by prot... [Abstract]
Cătălin Zamfir
72 Hours

Transition, alongside other unpleasant happenings – unemployment, income decrease, criminality growth, public authority desegregation – was accomp... [Abstract]
Rodica Gheţău, Ana Rădulescu
Social Work Profession Deontology

Social work profession is characterised by an equilibrium based theory and professional experience which is triggered by the values that give the natu... [Abstract]
Hildegard Puwak
Romanian’s Adherence to European Union. Priority Politics of the Present Government

Romanian’s adherence to European Union represents a priority for the present government. Obtaining the status of member state to European Union repr... [Abstract]
Răzvan Ionuţ CIRICĂ
Europe of Economic and Social Cohesion

The process of European construction always has reflected the need to maintain equilibrium between the social and economic dimension. Therefore, the E... [Abstract]
Rodica Stănoiu
Probation in Romania

Probably the most important objective of the present Government is to get Euro-Atlantic integration and legislative synchronizing; adopting community ... [Abstract]
Emilian Stănişor
Consideration Regarding Probation

The tendencies and doctrines that occurred in crime science in the last century did nothing more but to bring back, in a way or another, the idea of a... [Abstract]
Pavel Abraham
Probation in Romanian Legislation

There is no doubt that the political, economic, social and human values must be protected from juridical point of view and the actions against them mu... [Abstract]
Livius Manea
Special education. From Segregation towards Integration and Inclusion

There is a close connection between society and treatment for people with disabilities. One of these kinds of treatment refers to special education wh... [Abstract]
Ioan Chelemen
Children at Risk from Bihor County during Transition Process

At present, in the placement centres are 590 children, in OPA (private organization centres) placement centres there are 290 children. In maternal car... [Abstract]
Marian Preda
Conceptual Specification regarding Social Policy and Social Work

When talking by social policies we refer to the activities/ actions developed by/ through State (strategies, programs, projects, actions, legislation)... [Abstract]
Elena Zamfir
Romanian Association for Promoting Social Work (ARPAS

The non-governmental and non-profit organisation Romanian Association for Promoting Social Work was established on 4th of July 1992 as a result of the... [Abstract]

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