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The editorial team warmly welcome Mrs. Professor Lena Dominelli, and Mr. Professor Malcolm Payne, two prominent internationally social work personalities who have kindly accepted to be part of our journal’s International Advisory Board starting with issue no. 1/2010.
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Articles by keyword: family

Pupils: Between Family, School and TV
Ioan Drăgan

Children and Television. Audience Study
Adriana Ştefănel

Deinstitutionalized Youth in Social-Professional Integration – Case Study – Bihor County
Lavinia Onica-Chipea

Aspects of Reproductive Behaviour in Bihor County
Simona Stanciu

The Impact of the Promoted Measures by O.U.G. 105/2003 over Romania (second part)
Dan Florin Docsănescu

Lie: Psycho-Anthropological Principles and Moral Implications
Ecaterina Morar

Fraud – Means of Delinquent Behaviour During Different Stages of Money Gathering
Valeriu Budeanu

Early Intervention Regarding Children With Disabilities – A New Activity Area for Social Workers in Republic of Moldova
Diana Cheianu-Andrei

Family Placement or Psychosocial Legitimacy of Substitute Family
Velemir Radovan

Placement of children in institutions
Teodor Mircea Alexiu

Romanian family Support in European Context
Raluca Popescu

Community Services to Prevent Alcoholism
Ioan Popoviciu

Evolution of Financing Programs of National Authority for People with Disabilities
Daniela Radu

Therapeutic Techniques and Strategies for Families with Health Problems
Elena Iulia Mardare

Femeia - victimă a violenţei domestice în România (The woman - a victim of domestic violence in Romania)
Georgiana Virginia Bonea

European Strategies for Social Inclusion
Daniel Arpinte

Aspecte ale constituirii familiei rome -Studiu de caz: comunitatea Gîrcin, judeţul Braşov [Psychosocial Aspects in Building Romma Families]
Raluca Zanca

Corelate familiale şi comunitare ale violenţei şcolare. Studiu exploratoriu
Sorina Poledna, Nicoleta Golea, Mihai-Bogdan Iovu

Tax-Benefit System and European Households With Children: East Meeting West?
Eva Mitchell

The Effects of Migration on Romanian Families: An Ecosystemic Review
Dan A. Ratliff, Riccardo Rossano, Antonio Panico

Senior High School Students’ Job Planning for the Future: What Factors Really Matter?
Mihai-Bogdan Iovu

Originile şi evoluţia instituţiei juridice a adopţiei din perspectivă istorică. Consideraţii critice privind actuala reglementare a adopţiei în România
Alexandru-Virgil Voicu, Réka Kis

Communication and Conflict in Workaholic Families
Loredana-Marcela Trancă , Patricia Luciana Runcan

The Relationship Between Convicts and their Families. Social and Juridical Aspects and Current Experiences
Cristina Gavriluta, Maria Lorena Ţăruş , Marius Vulpe

Adolescents’ Plans for Family Formation. Preliminary Findings from Romania
Mihai-Bogdan Iovu, Paul Teodor Hărăguş, Maria Roth, Sergiu Raiu, Agnes Dávid-Kacsó, Degi Csaba, Cristina Faludi , Corina Voicu, Anna Vincze