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The editorial team warmly welcome Mrs. Professor Lena Dominelli, and Mr. Professor Malcolm Payne, two prominent internationally social work personalities who have kindly accepted to be part of our journal’s International Advisory Board starting with issue no. 1/2010.
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Articles by keyword: violence

Violence against Women
Elena Zamfir

Alcohol Consumerism amid Teenagers and Youngsters
Marian Preda

Violence and Abuse against Child. Social Work Implications in Institutions
Alina Dumitru, Corina Acriş

Violence in Family. A Problematic of Social Awareness
Ana Rădulescu

Intimate Violence: “The Criminal Woman”. Identity Remodelling
Mihai Ion Micle

Electronic Mass Media and TV Violence
Poliana Ştefănescu

Inquiry Regarding the Perception of Violence in the 2nd District of Bucharest
Mihai Ion Micle

Traficul de fiinţe umane - precizări conceptuale (Human trafficking: conceptual clarifications)
Alina Anghel

Victimele traficului de fiinţe umane (Victims of human trafficking)
Monica Luminiţa Alexandru

Violence in Romanian News
Alexandra Povară

Contents and Perceptions of Violence on TV: Cartoons versus Movies
Anca Velicu

Corelate familiale şi comunitare ale violenţei şcolare. Studiu exploratoriu
Sorina Poledna, Nicoleta Golea, Mihai-Bogdan Iovu

Copilul şi violenţa în lumea contemporană
Ana Muntean

Violence in Gypsy Families
Adrian Păşcuţă

Teenage Dating Violence: Etiology and the Role of Prevention
Ella Luisa Bogeanu

Female Sex Workers: A Vulnerable Social Group
Cristina Oprea

School Violence in the Negev Region of Israel
Mohammad Abu Abid, Luiza Vlaicu, Dănuţ Sorin Bălăuţă, Dorina Buică

Violence and Trauma in the Romanian Residential Child Protection
Maria Roth, Imola Antal, Éva László, Agnes Dávid-Kacsó, Anca Mureşan

Transferring Aggression from Family to Social Life
Gabriel Pricină