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Echipa redacţională urează un călduros Bun venit doamnei profesor Lena Dominelli si domnului profesor Malcolm Payne, două personalităţi recunoscute la nivel internaţional în domeniul asistenţei sociale, care au acceptat ca începând cu nr. 1/2010 să facă parte din Advisory Board al Revistei de Asistenţă Socială.
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Revista de Asistență Socială: 3 / 2013

Theodora Ene

As times passes and the circumstances faced by different people are diversifying and becoming more complex, there are different directions that catche... [Abstract]
Andrea Juhásová
The Place of Social-Psychological Training in the Preparation of Social Workers in the Slovak Republic

The aim of our contribution is to draw attention to the significance of experience-based learning in the preparation of students for the social worker... [Abstract]
Zuzana Mališková
Identifying the Differences in Ethical Decision-Making of Social Workers with Respect to Selected Socio-Demographic Factors

The contribution deals with the ethical decision-making of a social worker which to a certain extent always relates to a particular person, client or ... [Abstract]
Ana Ivasiuc
Empowerment – Easier Said than Measured

Within development practice, there is quite a consistent attention towards the empowerment of excluded or marginalised categories, and the concept has... [Abstract]
Monica Luminiţa Alexandru
Labor Exploitation, a Form of Child Trafficking in Romania

Every year in Romania, a significant number of children fall victim to different forms of exploitation – of which labor exploitation is not excluded... [Abstract]
Cristina Gavriluta, Maria Lorena Ţăruş , Marius Vulpe
The Relationship Between Convicts and their Families. Social and Juridical Aspects and Current Experiences

This study focuses on the closed community of prisoners and the relationship those who are imprisoned have with their families and other significant i... [Abstract]
Gabriel Oancea, Mihai Ion Micle
Dilemele probaţiunii – control şi asistenţă în probaţiune [Probation’s Dilemmas – Control and Assistance in Probation]

This article aims to analyze, in a concise manner, some developments in the field of probation in terms of assisting and controlling persons in confli... [Abstract]
Stephen J. Cutler, Lynne G. Hodgson
Concerns about Cognitive Functioning, Dementia Worries, and Psychological Well-Being

Objectives: We seek to determine whether psychological well-being is affected by concerns about cognitive functioning and worries about developing de... [Abstract]
Einav Atzmona Rosh , Livia Popescu
Trans-Cultural Nursing Changing Treatment Approaches within Hospitals in Israel

The growing cultural diversity in Israel makes it imperative for health care providers to communicate efficiently with culturally diverse patients and... [Abstract]
Yariv Vinzer, Maria Roth
General Attitudes towards Employment of Individuals with Mental Disabilities in Israeli Society: The Employers' Perspectives

This article presents the findings of the first stage of a study conducted on employment of mentally disabled people in Israel. The research was condu... [Abstract]
Patricia Luciana Runcan
Aspects of Burnout among Professionals

Statement of the problem: Burnout is a phenomenon of nowadays societies. It involves high levels of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion, and it ... [Abstract]
Cristiana Marc, Claudia Oşvat
Stress and Burnout Among Social Workers

This paper presents the results of a qualitative study that illustrates how social workers experience stress and burnout at the workplace. The partici... [Abstract]
Mihai-Bogdan Iovu, Paul Teodor Hărăguş, Maria Roth, Sergiu Raiu, Agnes Dávid-Kacsó, Degi Csaba, Cristina Faludi , Corina Voicu, Anna Vincze
Adolescents’ Plans for Family Formation. Preliminary Findings from Romania

Transition to adulthood is a continuous process grounded in the daily choices youth make regarding the focusing of their energies across the multiple ... [Abstract]
Andreea Bîrneanu
Ataşamentul: premisă a dezvoltării sociale şi emoţionale a copilului în relaţia cu asistentul maternal profesionist [Attachment: A Premise for the Child’s Social and Emotional Development in Relation to the Foster Parent]

Studies in general populations of children bring strong evidence that attachment patterns in the absence of major changes in life are relatively stabl... [Abstract]
Octavian Rujoiu, Valentina Rujoiu
Human-Animal Bond: Loss and Grief. A Review of the Literature

This article is a review of the main research and studies on human-animal bond (in particular, on pets) and is focused on three levels: 1) the importa... [Abstract]
Săndica Ion
Apariții editoriale: Traumă, ataşament, constelaţii familiale. Psihoterapia traumei, Franz Ruppert; traducere: Adela Moţoc. Bucureşti: Editura Trei, 2012, p. 380 [Book review: Trauma, Bonding and Family Constellations]

Franz Ruppert este psiholog, psihoterapeut, Prof. dr. la Universitatea de Ştiinţe Aplicate, Katholische Stiftungsfachhochschule din Munchen. Activit... [Abstract]

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