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Echipa redacţională urează un călduros Bun venit doamnei profesor Lena Dominelli si domnului profesor Malcolm Payne, două personalităţi recunoscute la nivel internaţional în domeniul asistenţei sociale, care au acceptat ca începând cu nr. 1/2010 să facă parte din Advisory Board al Revistei de Asistenţă Socială.
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Revista de Asistență Socială: 3 / 2011

Adina Rebeleanu
Editorial – Social Polices and Vulnerabilites

Vulnerability is a state of difficulty described by one`s inability to fend for oneself, to protect oneself against exploitation or other serious dang... [Abstract]
Eva Mitchell
Tax-Benefit System and European Households With Children: East Meeting West?

It is common to regard the welfare systems of countries from Central and Eastern Europe as being similar. Based on shared communist past and macro-lev... [Abstract]
Miguel Laparra, Begoña Pérez
The impact of the Crisis on Social Cohesion or Spanish Households Surfing a “Liquid” Model of Integration

There is high level of consensus on the usage of social exclusion as a concept that enables multidimensional approaches in the analysis of social ineq... [Abstract]
Wolfgang Berg
What is Family Policy Today?

A clear distinction between family policy and population policy is to be made. The transfers in favor of households with children do not compensate th... [Abstract]
Ágota Scharle
Integrated Employment and Rehabilitation Services: New Evidence from Hungary

The Hungarian labour market has never fully recovered from the transitional recession. The employment rate of the working age population is the lowest... [Abstract]
Florin Moisa
The Challenge of Social Inclusion of Roma. Poverty or Discrimination Approach?

Ten years after the adoption of the first public policy for Roma, the Romanian society went through significant changes, including becoming a member o... [Abstract]
Florina Pop
The Minimum Income Guarantee as Policy Based Intervention towards Labor Market Integration of Rural Roma Population. An Exploratory Study using the Capability Approach

According to statistics, there are approximately 1, 5 million Roma people living in Romania. One of the main problems they face is limited access on t... [Abstract]
Diana Gabor
Sheltered Units: The Implementation of Policies for the Social Integration of Persons with Disabilities

One of the main debates these last few years in Romania has been related to the costs and efficiency of the welfare state and whether social policies ... [Abstract]
Vasile Gheţău
Câţi pensionari ar putea avea România până în anul 2030? [How Many Pensioners Could Romania Have by 2030?]

The study is an attempt to project the number of pensioners in Romania by age and sex from 2010 to 2030. The pensioners included in projection are: th... [Abstract]
Daniela Şoitu, Adina Rebeleanu
Vulnerabilities of the Socio-Medical Legal Framework for the Elderly

The purpose of this research is to identify and analyze how the legal vulnerability of socio-medical system produces and supports other vulnerabilitie... [Abstract]
Maria Stoleru, Narcisa Radu, Imola Antal, Júlia Szigeti
The Support Role of the Criminal Justice System in Providing the Welfare of the Children from Single-Parent Families

Very little research is focused on the role of the criminal justice system in assuring the welfare of the children coming from single parent families.... [Abstract]
Sorina Poledna, Cristina Lucia Andreica, Adela Gusan
Social Space of Criminal Vulnerability A Risk Factors` Perspective

Juveniles and young adults who commit crimes and end up serving custodial sentences come from groups and vulnerable communities, moreover, due to the ... [Abstract]
Gabor Hegyesi, Katalin Talyigás, Orsolya Fekete
An Attempt to Find New Concepts of Social Work in the Context of Changes in Social Policy in Hungary and in the European Union

It has been a very important concept that social work has to have a multi-functional relationship with social policy. As a Hungarian practitioner befo... [Abstract]
Karen Lyons, Sue Hanna
European Social Workers in England: Exploring International Labour Mobility

Social work is generally regarded as an essentially ‘local activity’ but it is increasingly acknowledged that European and international trends ha... [Abstract]
Doru Buzducea, Florin Lazăr
Extreme Vulnerabilities: Qualitative Evaluation of the Programs Targeting Most-at Risk Adolescents (MARA) for HIV Infection

In Romania social work/outreach programs addressing hard-to-reach groups whose behaviours are criminalised such as female sex workers (FSW) and inject... [Abstract]
Lorena Iuliana Ianăş, Maria Roth
Effects of Quality Insurance Policies on Social Services for Vulnerable Population in Timiş County

The objective if this article is to examine the impact of the requirement to accredit social services on the geographical distribution, type and benef... [Abstract]
Valentina Rujoiu
Book review: Teoria modernă a asistenţei sociale [The Modern Theory of Social Work] Malcolm Payne, Iaşi : Editura Polirom, 2011, 340 p

Domeniul asistenţei sociale, atât cel academic, cât şi cel practic, acţional se confruntă în prezent cu o serie de probleme care işi răsfrân... [Abstract]

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