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Echipa redacţională urează un călduros Bun venit doamnei profesor Lena Dominelli si domnului profesor Malcolm Payne, două personalităţi recunoscute la nivel internaţional în domeniul asistenţei sociale, care au acceptat ca începând cu nr. 1/2010 să facă parte din Advisory Board al Revistei de Asistenţă Socială.
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Revista de Asistență Socială: 4 - 5 / 2002

Dan Jurcan
Results of Government Implementation Strategy

The data shows at the census from 2002 there are 536,000 Roma people in Romania, though their leaders suppose that their number is higher (1,5 million... [Abstract]
Mariea Ionescu
Evaluation of the Governmental Objectives Regarding the Strategy for Improving Roma Population Situation in 2002

The institutional construction proposed by the government decision 430/2001, “The National Strategy to Improve Roma Population Situation” is a m... [Abstract]
Cătălin Zamfir
Roma People Problematic: A New Approach of the Ethnicity – Modernisation Relation

The last twelve years have focused on the belief that there is a need to reflect more on concepts of ethnicity and modernization. These concepts, so... [Abstract]
Marian Preda
The State of the Roma population in 1998 in Romania

The present paper deals with the result of the “Centre of Social Actions Resource” which was started as a result of the necessity of studying th... [Abstract]
Cătălin Zamfir
How many Roma people are there?

To ask such a question requires an immediate explanation without which the answer might be illegitimate. In the modern societies the ethnic belongin... [Abstract]
Ioan Mărginean, Ana Maria Preoteasa, Iuliana Precupeţu, Sorin Cace
Researches regarding the Roma minority

The research regarding the ethnic groups in Romania from the first half of the 20th century has included Roma population in a small portion. In the ... [Abstract]
Vasile Gheţău
Demography for Roma Minority in Romania

There is a reality that cannot be disputed: the number of Roma is high in Romania and this number is strongly connected with an entire problematic w... [Abstract]
Gabriel Jderu
Romanians about Roma, Roma about Romanians

Our relation with others can be defined in objective terms (effective relations that are based on direct knowledge and interaction) and subjective t... [Abstract]
Cosima Rughiniş
The Problem Roma is Dealing with is Ethic or Social?

As the volume of research grew and the debates regarding the Roma minority deals with, several controversies arose. These polarize the answers with di... [Abstract]
Gloria Macri, Alexandra Mihai
Center for Training Roma Parents for Educational Activities Involvement

In 2001 the government strategy for improvement Roma situation was initiated. The lack of proper training leads towards the impossibility to fit on ... [Abstract]
Vlad Grigoraş, Daniela Pescaru
Community Development in Traianu-Ialomiţa

More and more we notice the impact of the non-governmental organizations in Romania and their work in supporting state policies. One of the segment... [Abstract]
Dana Sima Costin
Aspects of Concern Regarding the Childhood of Roma People

Childhood seems to have a certain importance for Roma children. Most of them are born and developed in an environment marked by economic difficultie... [Abstract]
Sorin Cace
Work for Roma Children

The Quality Report on social-cultural and psychological characterizes and life conditions for Roma children and their families, was initiated in the... [Abstract]
Pavel Abraham
Implication of Ministry of Internal Affairs to Improve the Roma Situation

The events registered after 1989 between the majority population and a part from the Roma ethnicity, the promotion of organizations for Roma to rega... [Abstract]
Ana Rădulescu
Health mediators: their role in Roma community development

The Centre for Social Intervention and Studies - Roma CRISS has been developing ever since 1994 certain projects amid the Roma communities regarding... [Abstract]
Florin Buhuceanu
Roma Minority Social Status. Regional study

The measurements taken by Romania to adhere to European Union became a national priority in the last years. In this context, fulfilling minorities’ ... [Abstract]
Mariana Celac, Marius Marcu Lapădat, Iosif Kiraly
Palaces with towers

Those who travelled in the last years by the southern plain of Bucharest towards Slobozia, Alexandria, Giurgiu or Craiova noticed that aluminium roo... [Abstract]
Gheorghe Sarău
Education for Roma and Teaching Roma Language

Prior to 1990, in Romania were specialized traditional structures in the educational network regarding teaching minority languages and classes of te... [Abstract]

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