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Echipa redacţională urează un călduros Bun venit doamnei profesor Lena Dominelli si domnului profesor Malcolm Payne, două personalităţi recunoscute la nivel internaţional în domeniul asistenţei sociale, care au acceptat ca începând cu nr. 1/2010 să facă parte din Advisory Board al Revistei de Asistenţă Socială.
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Revista de Asistență Socială: 3 - 4 / 2005

Eugen Blaga
Romanian Employment Policies

The direction of Labour Policies is fundamental in decision making regarding employment, unemployed social protection, promotion the continuous pro... [Abstract]
Mariea Ionescu
Diversity of Public Policies for Roma, of Social Actors and their Complementarities

Roma situation continues to be a major interest issue for different social, internal and external actors: the scientific world, Romanian politics en... [Abstract]
Eugen Blaga
Employment Policies and Professional Training – Comparative Approach with the most relevant patterns in Europe

Continuous professional employment is being managed by the institutions managing labour and employment in the government of EU states. The promote... [Abstract]
Mihai Ion Micle
Intimate Violence: “The Criminal Woman”. Identity Remodelling

The roots of violence are old. Violence was probably a part of human existence. The Old Testament starts with a fratricide. Cain kills Abel. The New... [Abstract]
Ioan Popoviciu, Ana Salomea Popoviciu
Alcohol Abuse. Strategies and Preventing Policies

In daily dialogues and academic debates the theory according to the contemporary civilisation is at a turning point is largely accepted. Allen asset... [Abstract]
Octavian Driga, Viorel Robu
The incidence of Alcoholism in families with School Middle Aged Children from Iaşi

Alcohol is an inhibitor drug and is being used at large scale. The prolonged and unwise use (abuse) can lead to the disease called alcoholism. Alcoh... [Abstract]
Florin Lazăr
HIV (AIDS) and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) – knowledge and Risk Behaviours

The problem HIV/AIDS of exceeded the medical dimension, the social aspects being as important in trying to reduce consequences. The growth of HIV/AI... [Abstract]
Mental Disease – Dimension of Human Experience. Social Worker Role in Supporting People with Mental Disabilities

When we talk about psychic disease, inevitably we imagine madness and the way it is perceived and especially, the way “non-crazy” people relate ... [Abstract]
Elena Iulia Mardare
Social Support and Health State

In the last years we witness an intensification of the preoccupation regarding health state, more precisely the studies that analyse the individual,... [Abstract]
Ioan Drăgan
Pupils: Between Family, School and TV

Within some research contracts with the National Audiovisual Council and Centre of Media Studies and New Communication Technologies (Faculty of Soci... [Abstract]
Poliana Ştefănescu
Electronic Mass Media and TV Violence

TV violence undoubted influences the attitudes, values and behaviours of those who watch TV programs. The researchers tried to answer the following ... [Abstract]
Adriana Ştefănel
Children and Television. Audience Study

Television occupies a significant role in educating children often being in competition with the traditional institutions – family and school – ... [Abstract]
Maria Livia Ştefănescu
Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs in TV Programs

The article presents a synthesis of two successive studies within the Centre of Media Studies and New Communication Technologies of Faculty of Socio... [Abstract]
Emilia CHIŢU, Florin Lazăr
Methodology - Plan of Services

In social work intervention an essential step is planning. This presupposes establishing of some purposes and objectives’ that guides the interventi... [Abstract]

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