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The editorial team warmly welcome Mrs. Professor Lena Dominelli, and Mr. Professor Malcolm Payne, two prominent internationally social work personalities who have kindly accepted to be part of our journal’s International Advisory Board starting with issue no. 1/2010.
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Revista de Asistență Socială: 1 / 2016

Gabriela Mişca, Nicoleta Neamţu
Editorial la volumul tematic: "Provocări contemporane în practica asistenţei sociale în societăţi multiculturale"

Prin misiunea sa fundamentală, esenţa asistenţei sociale constă în oferirea răspunsurilor culturale adecvate pentru satisfacerea nevoilor de baz... [Abstract]
Gabriela Mişca, Nicoleta Neamţu
Editorial to the special issue: „Contemporary Challenges in Social Work Practice in Multicultural Societies”

The fundamental mission of social work interventions is to offer culturally adequate responses to satisfy the basic human needs. Such culturally sensi... [Abstract]
Clive Sealey
Wither Multiculturalism? – An Analysis of the Impact on Welfare Practice and Theory of Policy Responses to an Increasingly Multicultural Society in the UK

The UK is becoming an increasingly multicultural society, driven by a variety of demographic changes, particularly increased net migration from EU10 a... [Abstract]
Sarah Hayes, Peter Unwin
Comparing the Cultural Factors in the Sexual Exploitation of Young People in the UK and USA: Insights for Social Workers

Across both the UK and the USA, knowledge about the abuse of children and young people through sexual exploitation has developed rapidly over the past... [Abstract]
Raluca Zanca, Gabriela Mişca
Filling the Gap? Romanian Social Workers’“Migration” Into the UK

The recent past decades have seen an increased transnational mobility among internationally educated social workers. For example, the UK social work s... [Abstract]
Suncica Dimitrijoska , Vladimir Ilievski
Ethics and Value Dilemmas in Social Work

The obligation of social workers is to put effort in meeting the basic human needs. The difficult economic situation, the complex political circumstan... [Abstract]
Csaba L. Dégi, Cristina Faludi
Experienţe în plan psiho-social ale pacienţilor aflaţi în fazele parcursului tumoral. Analize preliminare ale unei cercetări calitative [Patients’ Psychosocial Experiences in the Cancer Proce

This paper aims to identify and explore psychosocial burdens experienced by cancer patients using a mixed-method research design with mainly qualitati... [Abstract]
Carmen-Marcela Ciornei
Sistemul de garantare a venitului minim în România – asistenţă socială sau administraţie publică? [Minimum Income Guarantee System in Romania – Social Work or Public Administration?]

The social services, from the administrative-territorial unit levels, which were dissolved during the communist time, were recreated during post-com... [Abstract]
Oana-Elena Rădăcină
Modalităţi de intervenţie în asistenţa socială acordată persoanelor vârstnice instituţionalizate [Intervention approaches in social work focused on institutionalized elderly]

The interventions aproaches designed for vulnerable people are specific, differentiated and individualized according to the social, cultural, and prof... [Abstract]
Adeboye Titus Ayinde , O.P. Oladele
Perceived Organizational Justice and Work Locus of Control as Determinants of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour among Civil Servants in Ekiti State, Nigeria

Organisational citizenship behaviour though seems not well pronounced in the public organisation like the private establishments, but has propensity t... [Abstract]
Aurel Codoban
Book review: TRIBURILE – O patologie a politicii româneşti de la Revoluţie la Generaţia Facebook [Tribes. A pathology of the Romanian Politics Since the Revolution to Facebook Generation] - Va

Politica tribalizată în era comunicării Vasile Sebastian Dâncu nu este un sociolog în sensul profesional rutinat al termenulu... [Abstract]

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