Social Work Review is aiming to be a meeting place for ideas, a mean of dissemination of researches, good practices and experiences in the field of social work. Articles from all areas of social work are welcomed. There will be published innovative articles, researches, and comments of policies, practices and their implications for social workers. Social Work Review appears four time a year: March, June, September and December. Each article is peer-reviewed by two reviewers.

Social Work Review is now launching the Archive Project that allows professionals and the public to view documents that certifies the tradition of the aforementioned review in Romania. At the moment, we can post online the first numbers of the publication that was edited by the “Ileana Princess” Superior School of Social Work from Bucharest, therefore entitled Social Work.

Issue no. 4/2021 of The Social Work Review is coordinated by Lector Mihaela Popa, PhD. And Lector Daniela Gaba, PhD., Department of Social Work, University of Bucharest. The theme of this issue is strongly linked to the social reality revealed in the last year at global level: the crisis in all it's forms. The theme, Crisis Intervention, is an invitation for social work specialists and social science academics to explore the instances and nuances of social work in the new social context imposed by the pandemic. The deadline for the submission of papers is August 2021. All submissions are to be sent to the two editors, according to the instructions for authors of the Social Work Review: mihaela.popa@unibuc.ro and daniela.gaba@sas.unibuc.ro.

Issue 1/2022, edited by Prof. Cosmin Goian, PhD and Lect. Loredana Marcela Trancă, PhD, from the Department of Social Work at the West University of Timișoara, is destined to the Research Perspectives on the social protection of people with disabilities. We welcome innovative articles in English and / or Romanian, research, comments on policies, practices and their implications for social workers in the field of social work for people with disabilities, as well as other theorists and practitioners in fields related to social work. Deadlines for receiving articles: November 1, 2021. Estimated publication date: March 2022. Manuscripts must be sent by e-mail by the deadline in word format, respecting the requirements of the journal to the two editors: cosmin.goian@e-uvt.ro and loredana.tranca@e-uvt.ro. Articles are subject to a double-blind peer review process. The editorial team makes the first selection of articles, before sending the articles to at least 2 reviewers. Articles are accepted on the basis of adequacy, clarity, sound methodology and usefulness for social practice, research and education.

Issue no. 2/2022 is dedicated to Arts, emotions and personal development in Social Work. This issue is coordinated by lecturer Sorina Daniela Dumitrache, PhD, Department of Social Work, University of Bucharest, and assistant professor Justyna Kutyka-Chalas, PhD, Department of Health Sociology and Social Work, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw. We invite contributors to submit empirical and theoretical studies related, but not limited to: self-reflection, personal and professional growth experiential programs / support groups for social workers; the use of art-based interventions (drawing, sculpture, drama, movies, music, photographs) and the role of emotions in the training of social workers etc. The deadline for the submission of papers is December 2021.
Manuscripts must be sent in Microsoft Word format, respecting the journal's requirements, to the two editors: sorina.dumitrache@sas.unibuc.ro, j.kurtyka@uksw.edu.pl.

Issue no. 3/2022 is dedicated to young people’s relationships. We invites contributors from Romania and abroad to reflect on the relevance of this topic in the social work field. We encourage theoretical and empirical studies related, but not limited to the following: young people’s relationships – including sexual identity; teenage pregnancy; family relationships; living in separated, divorced or blended families; family conflict; parental migration; supporting those with mental health issues; use of drugs and alcohol; sexual and reproductive health issues young people’s education – including the impact of the internet on learning and relationships; transitions between education, career and family; youth employment; the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Submissions can be sent directly to the editors: Dr. Sue Kay-Flowers, Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Education, Health and Community from Liverpool John Moores University, UK (S.J.Kay-Flowers@ljmu.ac.uk) and Dr. Cristina Faludi, Lecturer at the Social Work Department of “Babeș-Bolyai” University Cluj-Napoca (cristina.faludi@ubbcluj.ro or cristina.faludi@gmail.com). Deadline for manuscript submissions is 1st of June. Estimated publishing date of the special issue is September 2022.

Issue no 4/2022, edited by Associate Professor, Valentina Rujoiu, Ph.D., Habil. (Department of Social Work, Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest) invite specialists, academics, practitioners, master and doctoral students in the field of social work and related fields to submit their research. The topic of this issue is the role and importance of formal social support provided to vulnerable people and communities. Theoretical and empirical studies, analysis on good practices and their implications are encouraged. The manuscripts should be written in English and/or Romanian. The deadline for the submission of papers is August 2022. The editor makes the first selection of the manuscripts in according with the instructions for authors from the Social Work Review. The email address for submitting manuscripts is valentina.rujoiu@unibuc.ro.